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Advice on everything you need to know about Art in the Park

for New & Returning Artists

Painted Squares

Submitting Photos to be Juried

Don Francis

To increase your chances of being accepted into Art in the Park you will need send in three and ONLY three professional looking photos of your work (& a booth photo, this is discussed further down the page)

What constitutes as professional? 

To the left is an example of an acceptable photo

No excess space revealing other items in image frame

Minimal to no glare

Accurate color representation of your work (in other words good lighting) 


Image by Annie Spratt
3D Face Parts

Tess Brown

Photos that are lacking

Ashley Jones

When comparing the image above to the image to the right you can see how staging and presenting your artwork matters. 

The image to the right has unproportionally spaced area around the artwork and part of the artwork seems to be out of frame.

While submitting something like this doesn't automatically guarantee rejection it does send a certain message to the jury

Display your artwork accordingly

The image to the right shows an unacceptable display method. 

If you are showcasing 2D artwork such as paintings, drawings, etc. Please display them vertically. This can be from an easel, a panel, or some other genius means of display but please do not lay them flat on a table surface. (even if you lay them out nice and neat)

multiple canvas paintings laying flat on a table outside.jpg

More Tips Coming Soon

If you have questions or concerns please contact Alissa Harris


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