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Gale Stewart

Gale Stewart loves to paint.  As the title reads, she paints beautiful places she's visited or wants to visit.  If a photograph captures her imagination she immediately wants to paint it.  The Impressionism Masters, Van Gogh, Monet, Cezanne, and some modern Impressionists are her role models.  She doesn't paint the details; she prefers the broad view, the sweeping panorama of life, which is reflected in her paintings.  


Oil is her medium of choice but she also paints in acrylics.  While some passages in her paintings call for a brush, she paints primarily with a palette knife. 


Stewart is a retired minister who says that her ministry is now her art work and her writing.  She has written and published 3 books, Grief Passages, An Account of a Mother's Journey Through Grief; It's Still New, How a 19th Century Spiritual Revolution Transformed My Life, How It Can Transform the World; and View From My Window, 365 Days of Inspiration.  All are available on  She is currently working on her fourth, an account of her experience midwifing her husband, Rod, as he transitioned into the next dimension.


Stewart holds 4 degrees:  Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Master of Higher Consciousness and a Doctorate of Divinity.  She has studied art from private teachers and in college and continues to study the work of the Masters.

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